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Diaslink Solutions is a company By the Diaspora to For the Diaspora, To the Diaspora, we aspire to present credible investments opportunities to the people in the Diaspora by doing our due diligence in Quality assurance, background checks and convenient while confidential data processing. Diaslink Solutions aspires to facilitate and host Business summits in different states in the USA.

Diaslink Solution Company has been playing and providing a wide range to businesses seeking to enhance their target audience. As a leading digital marketing company we provide simple honest solutions to our clients. We develop and execute comprehensive digital strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Diaslink Solutions company deals with, property management, staffing solutions, consultancy, tours and travel and transportation

Diaslink Solution Company finds viable links partnerships and solutions to the Diaspora community investments needs starting from the USA and spreading across the globe.

The company will be organizing e-commerce platforms that links he Diaspora community with credible organization on the ground

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We are full of interesting creative ideas!

At Diaslink Solutions, simplicity is our strength, honesty is our policy, and solutions are our promise. We understand the unique needs of Kenyan businesses and individuals in the diaspora, and we are here to streamline processes and create opportunities with integrity.

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